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tv   Eyewitness 11PM News  CBS  August 7, 2013 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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this is wjz tv, baltimore. >> from the city to the counties to your neighborhood. now it's complete coverage, it's wjz maryland's news station. murder for hire. >> i just got angry. i just wanted somebody to hit him back for me. >> a baltimore county woman confesses on tape to hiring a hitman to kill her husband. >> tonight, why she's telling the jury she just couldn't take it anymore. hello, everybody. >> here's what people are talking about tonight. >> she is on trial for ordering the murder of her husband at thes gas station he owned. now jurors hear from carla porter herself. we have her video taped confession and details of her defense. >> reporter: when porter was shot in the head in 2010, his
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wife called 911. >> what is your name? >> reporter: at first she claimed he was shot in the head by a black man in an armed robbery. >> do you know the person? >> reporter: no. i never seen him before. he was black and he came in the side door and i came in -- >> reporter: but police say that was all an act. carla porter masterminded a plan to have her husband murdered and enlisted the help of her sister, brother, and nephew to hire a hitman. bishop confessed to police saying he was promised $9000 by carla. >> she asked if he was dead and i said i guess. >> reporter: during her police interrogation, porter broke down in a tearful confession that she'd been subjected to physical and verbal abuse by her husband for years and just wanted it to end.
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>> i just wanted someone to hit him for me. >> what happened, carla? >> he was just being really mean. >> reporter: shortly after playing that video for the jury, the prosecution rested. now they begin presenting what is a battered spouse syndrome. she is expected to say as much when she takes the stand in her own defense on thursday. >> prosecutors will seek life in prison without parole. the u.s. military the battling back again al qaeda threats in yemen. it's believed to be the fifth drone attack on terrorists in two weeks. it comes in response a failed plot to bomb oil pipelines in port cities. the u.s. intercepted talk about an attack by two al qaeda
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leaders. a massive fire strands nearly a dozen marylanders on trips to africa. now they're looking into if the fire was an accident or something more. we have the fears for those stuck in the country tonight. >> reporter: that fire happened on the 15th anniversary of the bombing of the u.s. embassy in kenya. authorities say at this point they don't believe the fire was a terror attack. an inferno tears through the airport in kenya. passenger say the entire arrivals area was engulfed in 30 minutes. >> we saw people running out and fire brigades moving in. >> reporter: it took hours to control the raging fire. >> reporter: sue snyder has been glued to the coveragement her 22-year-old son is in kenya building a home for a family with habitat humanity. his group was on the beta to
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the airport when the it sparked. >> they're not saying if they know it was somebody or not. that's scary too. >> reporter: all 10 maryland volunteers now in limbo stuck in a hotel hoping for a flight back home. >> at this point, they don't know when, but they're safe. they're happy. and they're just waiting. >> reporter: the group is not the only maryland aid workers impacted by the fire. katie price had just landed at the airport and was on the tarmac. she tells the washington post she was watching the fire get bigger and bigger. she says it looked like the entire terminal would be gone. much of the international terminal is now destroyed crippling air traffic across the region. that habitat for humanity group will likely get out of the country in the next 72 hours. >> no one was killed.
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two people were treated for smoke inhalation. mandatory evacuations as a wild fire burns out of control, home after home going up in flames. 2500 acres have already been burned and over 400 firefighters are on the scene. trial of the maryland trained army psychiatrist charged in the fort hood massacre comes to a halt. the lawyers assigned to assist him say he's trying to get the death penalty and asked to be removed from the case. the judge stopped the trial while she decides what to do next. yesterday he admitted to killing his fellow soldiers. haz-mat crews, the bomb squad, and federallable agents swarm the office. they were called when a suspicious substance was
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discovered that looked a lot like a bomb. >> reporter: the mt. vernon office of elijah cummings at the center of an intense investigation. >> i heard there was a suspicious note and a substance on the door. >> reporter: an employee with military experience noticed a putty-like material stuck around the outside door. >> something that gave the appearance of a plastic explosive device in 10 various places around the door. they determined it was not an explosive device but it was made to appear that way and that were some type of wiring connected to it. >> reporter: the fbi confirmed the material was not hazardous. agents also scoured the scene for other crucial evidence. several sticky notes were found on the glass next to the putty,
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but they did not contain any specific threats. worker ifs the building next door say the whole thing made them uneasy. >> i was kind of scared. i want to be far away from it. >> this is the world we're starting to live in. crazy. >> reporter: the fbi has officially taken over the investigation. they still have some testing to do on that substance. >> about 10 people work in cummings' baltimore office every day. a victory for a woman's family. over 60 years ago she died of ovarian cancer. now her family has come to an agreement that gives them a say in who has access to those cells. nation's watching and waiting for winner tonight.
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power ball numbers have been drawn and the jackpot prize has jumped to $448 million. we have the mad rush for tickets and we'll have the winning numbers in a few moments. >> people across the country are hoping they have that lucky ticket to financial paradise. big money is up for grabs in the multi-state power ballotry game. dreamers lined up at the canton market in baltimore. the jackpot stands at $425. that has even skeptics buying tickets. >> the kid would have a great trust fund. give that to my momma, my step daddy, my brother. >> reporter: there have been winning jackpots, but a group of teachers calling themselves the three amigos split $218 million. >> i would not take the lump sum. >> reporter: how come?
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>> because when you have a lot of money in your hands, you don't do anything but spend it. >> reporter: this is the fourth biggest jackpot in its history. it's easier to list the states that don't have powerballs. $425million is a 30-year annuity. cashing out would give the winners a $224 million lump sum. >> i work at giant. my girlfriend works there. i figured i'd get a couple. >> reporter: your odds of winning the power ball jackpot, one in 175 million. good luck. >> here are the winning numbers. they are 5, 25, 30, 58, 59, and the power ball is 32. i'm holding bob's ticket right here. >> you can just tear it in half right now like i'll do with
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mine. seeking closure. big crowds return to the house where three women were held captive for a decade. honoring jackie robinson and it becomes a crime scene. the son of usher hospitalized after being pulled into a pool drain. how to prevent this from happening to your family. more showers and thunderstorms headed our way in the next few days. the full forecast coming up next. ,,
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on a soft, warm pretzel roll today. america runs on dunkin'. it's 75 degrees with showers and thundershowers in central maryland right now. the complete forecast is coming up. flooding in southwestern missouri has turned deadly. a 4-year-old has been killed and his mother is missing. 30 homes have been destroyed. a state of emergency has been declared. 6 inches of rain has fallen and more is expected through friday. the house of horrors where castro held three women captive for a decade is destroyed. [ cheering and applause ] >> crowds cheer in the cleveland neighborhood as one of the victims delivered the first blow from an excavator.
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michelle knight released yellow balloons. a man hunt is under way for james dimaggio expected of killing a lifelong friend and killing her son and kidnapping her daughter. the remains of a child believed to be her son were discovered. her 16-year-old daughter is believed to have been abducted by dimaggio. he admitted last month that he had a crush on hannah. he may be headed to texas or canada. a transalantic flight makes an emergency landing after a bomb threat is phoned in. police say the plane was searched by bomb-sniffing dogs. nothing was found and the plane continued on as scheduled. new york city police say
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they are investigating a hate crime after a statue of baseball great jackie robinson is vandalized. clean up crews tried to remove the racist epitaphs scrawled in black marker. the statue is located at a minor league stadium in brooklyn. it is a common swimming pool danger. a child gets stuck in a pool train and nearly drowns. that's what happened to the son of singer usher. >> reporter: a frantic call for help. >> what's the status of your emergency? >> my nephew was in the pool and he went -- i couldn't get him. i tried to get him. >> reporter: stuck at the bottom of the family's pool pulled into the pool drain. his aunt dialed 911 and two men in the house jumped in and pulled him out.
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one of the men saved his life. >> he's breathing. >> okay. stay with him. >> reporter: when paramedics a arrived, the boy was conscious and alert. they took him to the hospital. usher was not home at the time. although incidents like this are rare, they can happen any time. according to the consumer product safety commission between 1999-2009 there were 79 injuries from pool drain entrapments and 12 deaths. most of the victims were under the age of 15. >> that suction can be very powerful. >> reporter: pools should have new safer drain covers like this one. but older pools might have these outdated covers. >> kids, their curiosity can draw them to the main drain. they want to touch it, feel it, explore. >> reporter: in this case, play time turned into a near death experience. usher has primary custody of his two sons, but his ex-wife
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has filed paperwork in court asking a judge to give her custody instead. >> all public pools are required to have antientrapment drain covers thanks to a law that went in effect in 2008. at-home pools aren't required to have them. maybe if houidini had a plane and a parachute, he would have thought of this. instead it was up to anthony martin to try an escape from a locked box after it was pushed out of a plane at 15,000 feet. oh, my gosh. he was able to free himself from the chains. he got out of the box. his parachute sent him to the ground. >> they appropriately refer to that box as a coffin which it would have become if he had not gotten out. >> i salute that man. that's insane. we had some shower and thundershowers in the area in
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case you haven't heard. north. take a look at temperatures now with the rain coming down in some spots. 75, no wind at all. the barometer holding steady. across the baltimore region it's coming from the west and southwest generally moving from west to east. right now around the city we have a good shower north of the town. we now have some heavier stuff just west of the city. some heavy activity moving through woodvine. north of town, some lighter showers one near jacksonville heading up toward portions of hartford county. south of the city haven't seen a drop. down by annapolis probably going to stay dry. we have some heavy rain going
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on. a flash flood warning remains in effect for southwest york county. we'll watch this move through the area over the next hour or two. finally west of frederick it will taper off. we expect to see more coming in tomorrow. 80 in d.c., no rain there. 72 elkton. 63 in oakland. we have plenty of moisture. 81, 69 today. 88, 66 the normals. the records 105 and 53. no wind but d.c. has a southerly wind pushing the rain up the bay. there's a coastal flood advisory through tomorrow because of the southerly winds. still a batch of showers and storms popping to the southwest.
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kind of an upper air disturbance moving through the air this afternoon and tonight. that's what caused the showers. tomorrow we'll see another batch of showers to develop somewhere in kentucky, ohio, indiana. we'll get some sun tomorrow, humid, scattered showers into friday before we see drier air move in. looks like maybe saturday afternoon. the storm will get very close to our region and it may come back again early next week. it looks like we may have at least one good dry day on sunday and a chance for more scattered showers next week. tonight still some showers and thundershower activity until about 2:00 a.m. 86, showers, and a heavy thunderstorm. about the same on friday.
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what a nice warm up in inner league play. >> the manager says buckle up. it's an up and down ride. we have pondered the question, it's been the burning question all season long. are the orioles good enough to make it back to the play offs again this year? in have been worries like after the two straight losses at home to seattle this past weekend, but the os have rekindled hope on the road. two games in san diego, a win last night, then another this afternoon. the orioles live and die by the
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long ball. j.j . hardy living large. early in this one driving this one to left field. os built a 3-0 lead, then they gave it back on a padres homer. it travels an estimated 453 feet. that seagram-breaking three-run blast, homerun number 411 41 41 on the season for davis. three straight wins to lift their spirits. >> any time you have to fly across country and play several games, you want to try to get the first couple and get the win especially with this being a short series. we wanted to try to get both games so i'm happy with the way we're playing. hopefully we can keep it up. >> how about the contingent of fans that made the trip? the team has a day off tomorrow before starting a series in san francisco on friday.
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orioles out west, ravens down south. the football birds travel to tampa bay today to take on the buccaneers in the pre-season opener tomorrow night. the first live audition will put a spotlight on the ravens defensive secondary. webw making a comeback from knee surgery and ed reed, polard, and williams all gone. there's a new group and they say they're up to the challenge. >> we have a great group here. i mean, pretty much everybody is capable of playing and getting the job done. it will be a fun year for us. we feel like we can play with anybody. >> ravennens and buccaneers tomorrow night. finally, former maryland terrapin alex lyn posed for his trading card in a photo shoot. he collected cards as a kid, so it's a thrill to have his own
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now. he was drafted fifth overall after two seasons in college park. no matter what from here, he's got the card. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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